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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  September 6, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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another red sox fan catches this souvenir too. david ortiz takes jarrett ikoff deep. three homers show shy of 500. ikoff allows six runs in four innings phils swept. they lost 10-13 and have worse record under baseball. >> temple fans no it was not a dream it's realty. in the loo looker room the owl who's have not called it an upset have believed in themselves all along this is the biggest win at temple in the third year and desperately trying to win the fans and build the winning program this w certainly goes a long way. >> i'm looking on recruiting phone and saying look what is happening here and look what our players are doing come do what they're doing you know and this will help in recruiting and will help with everything.
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and and of course more with temple. coach matt rhule live in studio with brandon graham and ducis rodgers. yeah a lot of respect for temple football these men coming up on "action news" sports sunday in a few minutes we're ready to go on sports sunday at 11:35 we're right we're ready to go on sports sunday at 11:35 we're right back after this. good intentions. is paved with
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>> well it's nothing like the real thing. people in delaware county gotta head of the papal visit. popebot came for a special visit at theersy. finding kids and families and even a few doctor and nurses anxious to get a picture from the papal inspired robots. there you have it. >> and fyi fully is next on channel 6 and "action news" continue at 4:30 tomorrow morning with david murphy, tamala edwards, matt o'donnell and karen rogers. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky, and sarah bloomquist, and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, stay tuned now for "action news" team, i'm walter perez, stay tuned now for "action news" sports
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>> adds a kouptd down to new nfl season begins they look to improve their roster. >> we thought there was a scenerio in that situation and we felt like things prog cigarettesed but we didn't feel like he was good enough. >> coach kelly shows door to two veteran quarterbacks while welcoming in another. >> owl have done it they have beat penn state for first time since 1941. >> i'm on the recruiting phone and saying look what's happening here and what our players are doing. >> day after temple historic win over penn state. matt rhule joins us liver in studio. >> that one is ripped. deep to right field. and red sox have a 2-0 sgleed it's hat trick in boss stop as phillies rung up for the third
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straight day. >> welcome to sports sunday i'm ducis rogers eagles linebacker brandon graham. thank you for joining us. i have to ask you don't you wish you were playing tomorrow instead of eight days from now. >>man i'm tell you i'm excited we have eight days. so you know i'll try not to be overly excited until actual game come but yeah i wish it was tomorrow. >> let's get to the news of the day. the eagles have added a new quarterback and day after cutting tim tebow the birds snag steven morris off waive from jacksonville. quarterback spent last season on the jags spot. he yet to play in the nfl game. he played college ball university of miami and he is a mobile quarterback. brandon dep isn't important at
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every position how important it it at quarterback position. >> you have to have the quarterback ready all times you never know it's a long season. i'm excited man chip has not steered us wrong yet. it stubs sore tebow but hey i'll welcome the new guy. >> were you surprised debow was released. i thut he would be part of the team. obviously he did good stuff out there. but chip doesn't make no mistakes and you know they know -- they have a plan for us and you know we have to ride with the punches. >> when barkley was traded many people thought he won that 3rd quarter back job. yesterday chip kelly explained why tim tebow is not a right fit. >> he improved throwing motion he worked hard on it and deserves a lot of credit for that. and i talked to him a little earlier today when we released him he needs to get more playing time and needs to get out there and get reps.
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i think he's done a ton on own from individual basis and it's about playing the game. >> brandon i am cure us in and we in the media made about the number three quarterback position. >> let's talk about the number one you know i mean of course we toont have a good number three if you can and it's all about bradford now. >> let's talk more about bradford and a lot of team success rides on how many shoulders. he has one over fan with two free season game appearances how optimistic should we b be about his ability to lead the football team. what do you think? >> for me i really think that everybody bought into them and give the offense the best you know put them in best situations we can and i think bradford will definitely lead us. >> let's talk about the defense.
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defense looked with particularly did during the preseason and however the is secondary has been improved. one guy who struggled a bit eric row the second round draft pick out of utah he was picked on by the jets thursday night an quarterback figured since he would match it in the squad where brandon boykin was light season row says he's using thursday's subpar performance as a learning experience. >> i'm not glad i make mistakes and not in the off season right before the line. so i'm glad it happened now so i can watch the film and get better for the regular season. >> brandon, when with you are coming in the league and you were a rookie and made mistake mistakes, how did you handle that and how did you learn from it? >> like you just said you look at the tape and then talk with your coaches and you know see what they're looking at and why they think you need to get better and then you know they kind of do what they think should be better. you have to watch yourself and
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treat yourself and you know i think you will be okay. >> what is the biggest difference from the could bees game and nfl game. >> the speed the quarterback gets away with it faster and sklej not as fast as nfl. >> all right. we are football heavy front on "action news" sports sunday and up next, jeff skversky has a special guest temple head coach matt rhule joins us live in studio. yesterday owls took it to penn state. how does is it to return everyone on defense and tell us how does is it to return everyone on defense and tell us about it
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(plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪
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your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. >> the sports surprised key player of week is not one
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player rather a team that plays as one. temple is close to beating pen cincinnati recent years and saturday at the link the alls got it done. >> it's not the fact we beat penn state but the fact we won. it's about temple not penn state no disrespect we love penn state but for our guys to do this in this game is to be able to focus on themselves shows unbelievable maturity. >> temple first win in penn state in three-quarters of a century earnings school the key player of the week award. >> welcome back to sports sunday brandon. it's a big college came and big upset. >> i know how it feels to be upset. i'm happy penn state lost and feel good. i know what that feels like. >> you saying as a michigan guy happy penn state loss. jeff skversky is live at the big board with simple coach matt rhule.
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>> one line back to another former linebacker temple coach matt rhule first time in 74 years you guys beat penn state you do it at a packed ous and are you feeling that high right now. >> i t was a great day with great crowd and i'm kind of in coach mode getting ready for next season. >> obviously what is win like over penn state. you do it for the first time since 1941 what does this do for the program. had a great wit day. >> obviously a great day. 27 unanswered points and defense stopped them as well. locker room celebration was unbelievable yesterday. take a look. >>.
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>> when you watch this to see your guys going nut in the locker room what does it mean to you as a coach that came this far. >> they were he eligible and got a chance to go. and they could show what they can do and they're great kids. >> does it help you guys recruiting and does it give you confidence that you can win any game you play whether notre dame or penn state or cincinnati next. >> it certainly nepz recruiting and tells whaevsh is going on is real and hopefully they can become a part of it for our team is lidge mizeing the work and they didn't act like it was upset they acted like it was good college football game he asked players in the video is it upset? they said no. everybody in college football looks at it like an upset. >> we told our team it was not about penn state but about us. we had to believe in ourselves
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and believe we would play that at level and we'll go in tomorrow and sayty was not an upset no are disvery suspect to them we just believed in ourselves. >> coach kelly is a supporter of temple. what is it like with him on the sideline or in the unitel. >> he's a bright mind in football and such a great die guy. howie roseman all these grade great, andy reid these great men that meant so much to football in the area. >> and they have to be imprettyed with defense. christian hackenburg you pick them off as well and hold them to 103 yards passing and one of the best defenses in football last year. >> we play a lot of guys and players coach knows the coordinator is one of the best for a long time. our guys hold themselves to high standard and keep going out play after play.
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>> this sobiously high for you guys you have had a chance to enjoy this or are new cincinnati. >> i had a chance to enjoy it. hard to win. you may as well enjoy it got back in the office and got working today and i was proud. there were players in there 8, 9, 10:00 in the morning watching tape because they want to move on and win more games. >> coaching congratulations big win over penn state guys back to you. >> september was not kind to the fill liz. here's a hint. it didn't happen. here's a hint. it didn't happen. back after
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>> welcome back to "action news" sports sunday. here are banged up birds. we're keeping an eye on. take kody park who did not play in the final games dealing with
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a groin jury. he and team say they are not worried about that after the jets preseason game parkey said he is fine and ertz is having surgey for core muscle injury or groin injury his status of the opener against atlanta is unknown. they have a good tight end in brent celek. and fellow linebacker alanzo dealing with tends night is on left knee. he got in on opening drive against the jets and my question to you is, how much will that help them shake off the opener the fact he got in the game action. >> well i mean it's a plus he got in and every week every play that you play. >> we heard coach kelly talk
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about it earlier in the show when talking about tim tebow you need game action is that that much different from practice than game action. >> everything is on the line now and vring you worked on practice you have to show up on the film that's how they grade you and you need to do exactly what you are doing in practice. >> moving on now the rest of the day in sports fill liz hit the skids this weekend in boston and jeff is back. with that, jeff. >> foot ball around the corner and end of brutal phillies season and thankp goodness if they don't get their act together they would ends up with 100 losses for the tivrt time in a54 years. they can't catch a break this weekend especially in boston. although the fan was quite the catch. wow. another red sox fans will get it souvenir too david ortiz, takes jared ikoff deep. mike schmidt at home in the stands.
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ikoff gives up four more runs in second. jackie bradley junior. the two run double comes one two run triple ikoff allows 6 runs in for innings and phils lose 6-2 sfwhept boston lost 1 10-13 bit record the worst record in baseball. phils return tomorrow who face atlanta and second worst neem baseball. among the toughest games on eagles schedule how about 13 weeks from today. new england against tom brady and super bowl champs who will have brady to start the season thursday. the first time sngs a federal judge overturned the suspension last month the involvement in deplate gate. each though the league is appealing that ruling brady says he's happy to have this behind him. >> for the last 20 years i've been plague football this time of year and it feels good to do that between. i'll run out thursday night.
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long 7 months for everybody. but i think now the goal is to focus on what my job is and what i needed to go out there and do to help our team win. >> this time next sunday us on men's champ will be crowned. novak joke vich looking to get in for the first time in six years inching closer tonight. >> top ranked women's player serena williams beats madison keys and next up a familiar face. her sister venus. serena not the only big hit at the on today. how about the rally squirrel that interrupted phils cardinals playoff series in 011 he's a huge sports fan here he is causing trouble during a women's doubles match the poor guy didn't have to pay for a ticket. just interrupting and causing chaos. >> i think i saw him ruin through the studio. >> we'll turn our attention to next week's opponent and the season opener.
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what should be your concern the eagles about the falcons and what should be your concern the eagles about the falcons and high powered offense.
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>> welcome back to "action news" sports sunday i'm meteorologist melissa magee with a look at the accuweather forecast sunny and hot as we get into monday for actual holiday labor day high temperature near 90 in some locations and tuesday hot and more humid up to 93. wednesday 93 degrees with average shower or thunderstorm and this will more than likely mark heat wave number 6 for philadelphia and scattered showers and storms thursday, 8, 85 friday. that's the latest with the forecast back over to you. >> all right. melissa thank you so much. all right. september 16 on the road at atlanta. opener matt ryan a local frod
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ungt from our area what challenges does he pose. >> he's a guy that has a great arm you know and somebody who got great -- man we just got to stop them guys in the back end. i think up front, you know, their line is okay. but i think we should be able to you me to do good things. >> key generate pressure on matt ryan and falcons. all right, brian, program remind are you cannot watch this because you'll be getting ready for game but we're teaming up with friend at phl17 for coverage of the eagles pre-oper. we have a pregame show at 6:30 on phl17 followed by game itself at 7:00 on phl17. that will do it for this week's edition of "action news" sports sunday, for brandon, jeff, and our entire "action news" sports sunday team and matt rhule giving hip props for beating
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penn state. we'll see you next week. ♪
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